Website Upgrade

Wow.. I can’t believe how quickly time passes.  I have been so focused on work and dance that I hadn’t touched my own website since 2012!  So I decided it was time for an upgrade.  I have always done my own websites in html but decided it was time to give a wordpress website a go..  and I must say I’m so far impressed.  It’s so easy to use and add content and looks good.  I am only using the free version so far, but might upgrade to the paid version for my dance websites once I’m sure about it all!  In the meantime I’ve transferred all my old ‘news’ posts to here so I can eventually delete the old website.

Nothing overly exciting has been happening since 2012.  Mostly dance and work.  The dancing has been up and down, and work was starting to take over – so I finally decided this year I would get back into performing and doing the things I am passionate about.  So I’ve taken a step back from teaching (I am still teaching but just cut down on classes), did a theatre show, and a student TVC (short film); and also picked up my trumpet which I haven’t played for a while – so am now a member of the Brisbane Symphonic and Swing Bands.   I’ve even played a couple of gigs already and played my first solo!  Our next concert is coming up on Sat 18 July, so  I will put a flyer up on this page for it very soon for those interested in coming along.

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