So it’s been around 18 months since my last blog post.  I’ve never been great at keeping written diaries or blogs, especially when keeping busy with other work!  I made the decision in late 2015 to get back into acting as a serious career, and since then I’ve been focusing on getting back on set of films (mostly short & independent productions) and building up my screen credits and showreel material.
At the start of 2018, I also made the decision to get into crew work.  I had previously worked as a crew member on both film and theatre productions, and my background in events management became quite useful as I love to organise things and help people – so I started offering to work on small indie projects, which led me to realising I love to do Production Management.  I’ve since worked on a few projects (both paid & unpaid) and am looking to do more of this.  Of course, I still love acting, but at the end of the day any work on a film set is where I’d rather be.

I’ve now also decided to start my own podcast – after 20 years of being sporadically involved in the acting industry, I figured I could help others by providing tips, interviews etc.  I always thought about having a talk show, but the setup of something like that takes a bit more preparation and equipment.  A podcast means I can record anywhere, any time, and I don’t have to put make up on.. lol

So maybe in another two years I’ll be fully working in the film industry as both a crew & cast member on various productions.. in the meatime, check out my podcast either on my page here, or via iTunes – just search for “On Set with Racheal Leigh”.

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