48hr Film Project – Screening in Brisbane on Tues 21 August. 

Genre: Action / Sci-FiReplicaXion Poster - RedSize

Writer:  James Hyams

Brief Synopsis:  A young girl is kidnapped by thugs who are against the Clone Revolution.


Stephanie thinks life is normal.  What she doesn’t know is that her father works for a multi-million dollar Clone Facility.

Her life is put in danger when she becomes the target for two anti-clone thugs.


  • Writer / Director:  James Hyams
  • Cinematographer:  Simon Woolnough
  • Sound:  Sebastian Williams
  • Production Manager:  Racheal Leigh
  • SFX MUA:  Innana Sutherland
  • Production Assistants:  Georgia Politikas, Russ Gallagher, Sabrina Fontaine


  • Chloe Guy, Russ Gallagher, Sabrina Fontaine, Racheal Leigh, Josh Reid, Georgia Politakis



This film was made for the Brisbane 48hr Film Project, 2018.

We now would eventually like to turn this into a web series.