SARI – The Australian Princess

Short Film – currently in development.    Genre:  Children & Family  

SARI Movie PosterWriters:  Racheal Leigh, Anu Sharma & Shaeyna Day

Brief Synopsis:  A young Australian girl discovers she is an Indian princess.


Upon the death of the Raja (King) of Amritapur, Prince Ravi is preparing to ascend the throne, and make his daughter Prisha, the crown princess.  However, it has been discovered that his brother Rajesh, whom abandoned the family many years ago, has also passed away leaving behind a wife and child – SARI – of which whom is next in line to the throne.  A messenger is sent to Australia to bring Sari and her mother to India where Sari will learn about becoming an Indian Princess.

Crew:  To be Announced

Cast:  To Be Announced

IMDB:  Coming Soon


The story of Sari was created as a way of introducing Australian children to Indian culture and heritage – including food, language and dancing.  We aim to create a family friendly story, using a diverse cast of local Brisbane talent, and aim to release the film online to be available to schools and children as a fun educational resource.


Please help us bring this story to life!  We are currently seeking investors and/or donations to help cover costs.   Please donate via our GoGetFundraiser Page (*)

Donations of up to $500 will be acknowledged with a Thank You in the credits of the film.  Personal donations of over $500 will be provided with an Executive Producer credit.  Corporate donations over $500 will be provided with a Special Thank You and we will also aim to provide product placement of your business in the film.

(*)Estimated Costs:

A budget will be worked out once we are in pre-production stage (once the script has been developed), and costs for the production will include insurance, cast payments, crew payments, equipment hire, costume requirements, catering and locations/venue hire.  This production will be filmed in Brisbane, QLD.