Nightingale – Lonely Melodies

Nightingale – Lonely Melodies

Web Series – pilot episode currently filming. Genre: Action / Supernatural

NightingalePosterWriter: Calder Varg Fenwick

By Umbra Mundi Productions

Brief Synopsis:  When a young girl’s world is turned upside down, life becomes survival of the fittest.


Our story focuses on a young girl named Nightingale who finds herself thrust into a world she initially barely understands and must fight to stay alive in.

Through the story arc of the first season she is helped to acclimatise by a mentor figure, and from season 2 on-wards she must make her way alone.


  • Writer / Director / Executive Producer:  Caldar Varg Fenwick
  • Producer / Script Supervisor:  Leelyn Cruddas
  • Production Manager: Racheal Leigh
  • Production Designer:  Natalia Melville
  • Cinematographer  / Editor:  Justin Hartwell
  • 1st Assistant Director:  Anthony Miller
  • 2nd Assistant Director:  Toni McGhee
  • Makeup / SFX:  Innana Sutherland
  • Full crew list can be found on


  • Nightingale:  Olivia Kodette
  • Annabelle:  Cate Dening
  • Feral:  Jacob Moha
  • Pale Woman:  Emily Beardmore
  • Varg:  Paul Talbot



Nightingale – Lonely Melodies a web series inspired by the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, the Wardstone Chronicles series by Joesph Delaney and, of course, the Shadow Hunters series.  We wanted to create a series based on the canon, but with original characters in an alternate universe.


Please help us bring this story to life! We are currently seeking investors and/or donations to help cover some production costs. Please donate here on our GoGetFundraiser Page.

Corporate donations and large investors, will be provided with a Special Thank You, logo and/or Executive Producer credit.

Estimated Costs:

This production will begin filming in early 2019 across various locations around Brisbane & Gold Coast, QLD. Costs involved include:

  • Insurance:  $400
  • Location fees:  $600
  • Catering: $600
  • Make up / SFX:  $300

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